Great books are the heart of this company and always have been: in the seven years since our inception, we've made over 75 book concepts come to life, for readers of all ages, publishing with all the major houses across New York - HarperCollins, PenguinRandom House, Macmillan, Hachette, Disney-Hyperion, and Simon + Schuster -  as well as with UK and foreign publishers. We're very proud of the talent, ranging from debut writers to New York Times bestselling authors. All of our titles showcase our love of strong narrative structure, distinctive voice, and elevated escapism. Our New York-based literary business is represented by Inkwell Management.

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film + tv

As content creators and producers for the large and small screens, we both develop original ideas and adapt existing scripts and novels. Recent film sales include rights to The Hunger, a thrilling parable that reimagines the Donner Party with a Walking Dead-style twist, to Scott Free and 20th Century Fox, with both Glasstown founders attached as executive producers. Glasstown currently has multiple TV shows in the works with partners such as Warner Brothers and Roth-Kirschenbaum Films. The range of our projects reflects our vision of high-quality and character-driven entertainment. Our Los Angeles-based business is represented by United Talent Agency.


Glasstown Entertainment is an all-female 360-degree media and content company based in New York and Los Angeles, dedicated to powerful, relevant, voice-driven story-telling across multiple platforms including book, film and television.

The name Glasstown references the capital of the imaginary world constructed by the Brontë siblings in their youth—a testament to the transformative powers of the creative mind, collaboration, and good story-telling. We believe that stories, like glass, are both reflective and transparent, capable of revealing the truth about ourselves and the world around us. 

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